2013 Krondorf Creek Farm
Grenache Shiraz Mataro 

13 GSM.jpg

The Story of the Museum Release

James and I have been making wine under the Krondorf Creek Farm label since 2012 (James has been making wine for….. a bit longer than that) however we took the unusual decision to not sell a single bottle of wine until the day we opened our Cellar Door in September 2018.

Instead, every year we would select a small parcel of fruit that spoke of the very best of that year and make a barrel or two of very special wine which we then tucked away in the old butcher’s cellar and try to forget about. In this way we could build up a Museum Cellar of treasures, waiting to be discovered and shared with our guests.

A few months before our Cellar Door opened we invited a group of friends around, made pizza and pulled up a bottle of every wine we had ever made from the Cellar. We called it our Treasure Box tasting and on that night, following much lively debate and some impassioned pleas (but absolutely no fancy winemaker’s notes allowed!) we selected the 2013 GSM to be our inaugural Museum Release.

It’s a beautiful wine and it is our great pleasure to offer it to our customers.

Krondorf Creek Farm is a true estate, meaning we only produce wine from grapes we have grown ourselves, here on our property in the foothills of the Barossa Ranges. James planted our 13 acre vineyard by hand 17 years ago and we continue to manage it entirely ourselves, producing wines that are soft and generous, and where the fruit characters are proudly at the fore, telling their story of this place.

We sell our wines directly to our own customers - from our hands to yours. We have no retail or wholesale distribution whatsoever, ensuring that there is a genuine relationship between our small family wine business and our guests and customers.

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