2016 Krondorf Creek Farm
Cabernet Sauvignon 

16 Cab.jpg

The most full-bodied wine produced from our vineyards, however with notably soft tannin structure.

Classic varietal characteristic - herbaceous element and green capsicum is absolutely textbook and reflective of our slightly cooler micro-climate at the base of the Kaiser Stuhl National Park. An ‘a-typical’ Barossa Cabernet and one which truly reflects our property.

Less evident on the nose, but generous, expansive, delicious on the palette. Lovely, long generous finish.

An absolutely fantastic food wine, very moorish (“Drink your Shiraz with your friends and your Cabernet with a steak”).

The elegant tannin structure makes it an excellent cellaring choice – will mellow to a silky, seductive wine in 15 - 20 years.

100% Cabernet Saugivnon
612 bottles produced

Krondorf Creek Farm is a true estate, meaning we only produce wine from grapes we have grown ourselves, here on our property in the foothills of the Barossa Ranges. James planted our 13 acre vineyard by hand 17 years ago and we continue to manage it entirely ourselves, producing wines that are soft and generous, and where the fruit characters are proudly at the fore, telling their story of this place.

We sell our wines directly to our own customers - from our hands to yours. We have no retail or wholesale distribution whatsoever, ensuring that there is a genuine relationship between our small family wine business and our guests and customers.

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