We ❤️ Mataro!


One of the greatest privileges of owning and running your own business is the opportunity to make decisions completely unencumbered by external factors. James and I aren’t answerable to Directors or Shareholders or a Financial Officer…. that’s a great feeling!

And it means we can do things like release a straight Mataro, which has proven to be one of our most popular wines in the short time that our Cellar Door has been open. James and I both really love Mataro, and we’re so pleased that it’s struck a cord with our guests as well.

Often our visitors say that the variety isn’t familiar to them, but sometimes when we explain that Mataro is another name for the variety Mourvédre they realise they have tried it before, and that if you’ve ever had a GSM blend, you’ve most certainly enjoyed a little Mataro in your glass.

As a stand-alone variety, our Mataro is bright and vibrant, with lovely lifted fruit and a juicy, mouthwatering finish. It’s a versatile grape, so it’s just as possible that you’ve enjoyed Mataro as an inky, fully bodied Barossa red with serious clout, or even as one of the sweet, fortified styles that were so beloved in Australia up to the 1950s.

Mataro has been planted in the Barossa since the early 1800s, and in fact there’s a tiny little patch of Mataro - eight rows - in Rowland Flat, just down the road from us, that still survives and is believed to be the oldest Mataro vineyard in the world. It was planted in 1853 by Johan Koch and is today tended by the seventh generation of the Koch family.

While there are plenty of Mataro blends in the Barossa, finding it as a stand-alone variety isn’t the easiest task, so the next time you’re in Cellar Door, make sure you ask for some recommendations of where to find it. We’ll be very happy to jot you out a list of our favourites!

Our beloved bush vine Mataro

Our beloved bush vine Mataro