The story behind the label

We went through a long, slow, contemplative process to design the Krondorf Creek Farm logo which features so prominently on our wine label, and we went through a number of iterations before we decided on this, final version.

wine label.jpg

It was a very personal, reflective process and it forced us to really interrogate our fledgling business. We asked a lot of questions of ourselves: who are we? What do we want to stand for, and to communicate to our guests and customers? Ultimately, the process which distilled everything for us was to ask, over and over again: “Why?” Why are we working to restore 150 year old stone buildings? Why are we investing in re-vegetating the creek line? Why are we making wine from grapes we grow ourselves? Why are we only selling our wines directly to our customers through cellar door and not through any retail or wholesale outlets? And the answer to that question was always the same:

We’re doing this to return Krondorf Creek Farm back to its former, productive glory as a bustling and sustainable mixed farming property.

Everything we do, every decision we make, every plan we consider is always judged against this purpose: bringing this beautiful property back to life as a sustainable base for our family. This is why we restore the buildings rather than bulldoze them and build cost-effective sheds; it’s why we work hard to preserve and protect the micro-ecosystem here. It’s definitely why we invite guests to visit us and experience the property first hand, to taste the wine, walk the vineyards with us and discover the connection between our property and our business.  We value-add the grapes we grow in the same way that the Lindner family butchered the sheep they raised in the paddocks that are now our vineyards. You simply can’t get a sense of this from a bottle of wine bought in a liquor store, and it's this personal connection to the Barossa and to this property that we want to give to every one of our guests. 

Which brings us back to our label. The three hand drawn structures are the barn, the dairy and the water tank in the exact configuration that you’ll see as your drive up the driveway to our cellar door. Our logo is born from the property and anchors us in this place; it’s a reminder to every one of our guests of the contribution they’ve made to helping us restore this property and a symbol of our gratitude for their support.    

At the end of this long, exploratory process, we’ve developed a logo which we feel represents us honestly and with pride. So the next time you’re coming for a visit, pause for a moment at the top of the driveway and you’ll see the three structures fall into line in a way that may seem very familiar…. We look forward to welcoming you to Krondorf Creek Farm soon.