"All the skilful tradies, all the skilful tradies - now put your hands UP!"

As tempting as it was to write this whole post in the candance of Beyonce’s mega hit All the Single Ladies, I have erred on the side of caution because I don’t want anything to distract from a very serious message: Krondorf Creek Farm would not exist today if it weren’t for the professionalism, dedication, hard work and yes, love, of our amazing array of tradies. It’s true that James’ unrelenting hard work has been the backbone - over fifteen years - of the restoration of this property but it is truly a wonderful thing to sit back and watch a master of their craft work.

We are so incredibly grateful to the men and women who helped us bring this property back to life, and this post is a way to convey our thanks to a broader audience. If you’re on the look out for a local tradesperson, we can’t recommend their work highly enough ❤️

Wendy Wayling

Play Landscapes | 0411 199 573
Wendy is a landscape architect which, we discovered, is a whole other kettle of fish than a landscape designer. She was able to stand in the middle of a barren, disproportionate patch of land and envisage a lush, beautiful and welcoming entrance to our Cellar Door. She provided a beautifully drawn, comprehensive plan and pages upon pages of plant recommendations - which underscores her true passion for plants - how and what they contribute to a landscape, a preference for beautiful natives and an understanding of the need for functionality and practicality. Thanks so much Wendy - we love our Cellar Door entrance so much!

Nathan Kubisch

Beyond Paving & Landscapes
Nathan is the landscape designer responsible for turning Wendy’s wonderful plan into a reality. It’s so true that an expert is worth their weight in gold and when we stand back and look at what Nathan was able to achieve with that patch of land we’re so glad we found him. Day after day on the bobcat spent moving huge amounts of dirt around with the end result being a beautifully sculptured lawn and entrance area that drains perfectly (it’s the little things that make a big difference) and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Nathan is responsible for the lush lawns, the crisp edging and the welcoming paths that bring visitors into our Cellar Door and we’re so thrilled with what he was able to achieve. As an added bonus our kids were fascinated by the bobcat and would sit and watch him work for hours, which might have put off a few blokes but Nathan took it all in his stride. Thanks so much Nathan!

Zimmy and Joel

Zim Masonry | 0407 366 722

We simply cannot recommend Zim Masonry enough. Zimmy is the best kind of young man - hard working, diligent, proactive and dead set mad about old stone buildings. He would come to us with ideas and recommendations, took our occasional indecision completely in his stride, went above and beyond time and time again and was genuinely a delight to have around. Of all our tradies Joel and Zimmy spent by far the most time at our house and we loved having them around. Our daughter Georgia would run out each morning to show Joel all the latest scrapes and bruises on her knees and he’d share his skateboarding mishaps.

There’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re bringing old stone buildings back to life. Having Zimmy and Joel on the job meant that we always felt absolutely confident that we were in excellent hands and that the situation was completely under control. You guys were the absolute best. Thank you so much.


Wolfgang Koehler | 0487 637 777

I cried the day Wolf finished building our Tasting Bar (and I’m obviously not afraid to admit it). Wolf took old timber off-cuts from a stockpile at the back of the property, old floorboards out of one of the cottages, a design sketched on the back of an envelope and a lifetime of skill and dedication and he turned it into the most beautiful, heartfelt, useful centrepiece of our Cellar Door. All the little touches on the property - the 150 year old door frames which he restored rather than replace, the gorgeous window surrounds, the internal cornices - they all show off Wolf’s deft touch and genuine care. On top of that he’s a really great bloke - softly spoken, honest to the core and a true gentleman. I still get a bit teary about the Tasting Bar and I hope that continues for many, many years to come. Thanks Wolf.

Andrew and Joel

Hilil Plumbing and Gas

If restoring the stonework of old stone cottages isn’t for the faint hearted, then putting plumbing into them takes a stout heart indeed. Andrew and Joel did a fantastic, subtle and sympathetic job and were relentlessly upbeat, even when little issues (like discovering a tonne or two of previously unknown rubble base under the floorboards) raised their pesky heads.

Park of the joy in restoring this property has been to breath a new life into what were, for many, many years, abandoned buildings. Turning them into functional, useful buildings has enabled us to make a serious plan for the future of this property and we couldn’t have done that without Andrew and Joel’s help - so, thank you!

Rick and Lubin

Pfeiffer Electrical

Rick in particular is a man of few words but what he and Lubin can’t do with a piece of wiring isn’t worth writing home about. Much like plumbing and gas, putting electricity into these old buildings was absolutely necessary if we wanted to turn them into useful, productive buildings rather than museum pieces, and Rick and Lubin have been there the whole way. I’m particularly grateful for Rick’s quiet suggestions when I was clearly on the wrong track with some -ahem - design choices. Thank you gentlemen, for your part in bringing these buildings back to life.

Bob Launer

Lower North Hire and Civil | 0417 805 313

Our mechanic used to make some pretty pointed jokes about the state of the suspension in our cars, due to the goat track that used to be our front driveway. Thanks to Bob and his team at Lower North Hire and Civil the drive to reach our Cellar Door is now dreamlike - meter after meter of smooth, perfectly compacted road base and a sprinkling of gravel to tie it all together. And once again, the presence of some seriously heavy machinery on site for a week or so was a source of unmitigated delight for our kids. Thanks team!

Simon Treloar


Finally, we would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of the South Australian Government (and by that of course, we mean our fellow taxpayers!). We were very fortunate to receive some funding through the South Australian Wine Industry Development Scheme for Cellar Door infrastructure which was administered by Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA). In particular Simon Treloar was a great help to us - thank you so much for your assistance Simon!