Reflections on our opening weekend.

It’s a rare and wonderful thing to achieve a dream.

As I sit here in our Cellar Door, with the fire burning down low and the late afternoon sun coming in through the window, I know this moment is important and so I’m determined to take a few minutes to soak it all in.

In all the work over the last few years, in those uncertain, challenging moments I always had an image in my mind of the day we would first put our sign out on Krondorf Road. I could see it clearly in my imagination – walking down the driveway on a clear, winter’s morning, standing our “Cellar Door 500m” sign on the side of the Road and then turning back and seeing the Kaiser Stuhl and the Barossa Ranges sitting happily behind our property.

Of course, as it turns out, I went careening down the driveway at five minutes to 12 on Friday, threw the sign out and got back up to Cellar Door as fast as I could to welcome our first guests. Also, it’s now well and truly Spring now, but I think there’s a saying about the best laid (and overly romantic) plans…..  

So I’m taking that quiet, contemplative moment now, to reflect on everything that we’ve worked towards and the realisation of a fifteen year dream.

It’s been very grounding, meeting everyone this weekend, and realising that we’re now part of a broader Barossa narrative. I’ve loved hearing the stories of our guests – some locals, some regular visitors to the Barossa who fondly recall our late neighbour Rick Glastonbury and recognised a bottle of his wine on our mantle piece, or another group who came back on Sunday because they drank all their wine on Saturday night (hi Emma!).

We’ve had warm, generous feedback about the wines and the opportunity to share the story of this property a little more widely, which was the whole point of this caper in the first place.

The weather's been kind, the guests have been delightful and the work has been thoroughly enjoyable, which is a good thing because I see plenty more of it in our future. In fact, I feel I have a sense of what's to come on that front as only someone can who has hand labelled 20 dozen of bottles of wine, knowing full well there is over 200 dozen left to go. 

Our sincere thanks to those who visited, and to those who referred them - what a compliment *that* is. We're looking forward to many weekends to come. 

So here's cheers to the future, and to Krondorf Creek Farm. It's going to be amazing.