Krondorf Creek Farm

Our Vineyards

Our Vineyards

Our thirteen acre vineyard is the beating heart of Krondorf Creek Farm - a living testament to James’ hard work, dedication and viticultural skill.

 In 2002 when James purchased this property, at the base of the Kaiser Stuhl in Krondorf, one of the first things he did was pace out a vineyard in the old sheep paddocks. The classic Barossa varieties of Shiraz and Cabernet trellised down the gentle slope towards an old creek line, and bush vine Grenache and Mataro running north south along the long edge of the property.  

In that first year James took the cuttings for each vine from vineyards across the Barossa, and carefully planted them in a nursery block over winter. In the spring he set about planting each individual vine, covering 13 acres of vineyard. Incidentally, there are two ways you can plant out a vineyard. You can bring in a contractor with a laser sight and a topographical plan of your property who will go along and measure everything, mark out the posts and even plant your vines using a sophisticated water pressure drilling system. 

Or you can spend a week or two with your best mate and old rope with three knots in it and together - using Pythagorus's theorem - you can measure out 7457 markers for 7457 vines (and if you're James, at the end of that process your entire thirteen acre property will be square to within five centimetres from one central post. German precision at its finest!).    

Seventeen years later James has walked our vineyard countless times. In the winter you'll still find him in the vineyard, methodically pruning his way up and down the rows, or taming each rambunctious bush vine. Come spring, he's checking for budburst and bunch numbers, both of which tell an early story of the coming vintage. 

We manage our vineyard using organic principles, working to put more back into the soil than we take out, and we use the rod and spur pruning method to protect our vineyard against dieback and to support consistent growth across the vines.

Another aspect of vineyard management that we take very seriously is the control of infectious pests and diseases. For this reason, please never enter a vineyard without the express permission of its owner. You may be unwittingly bringing catastrophic pests onto the property. For more information, please visit Vinehealth Australia.

One of the great privileges of hosting guests and customers at Krondorf Creek Farm is being able to connect them with a working vineyard property. Throughout the year we can explore pruning methods or discover budburst, we can taste the grapes in the lead up to vintage and even compare the raw, untouched grapes to their finished wine counterpart. If you would like to explore our vineyard on a hosted tour as part of your tasting, please contact us in advance to make arrangements.

All great wines begin in the vineyard. We look forward to introducing you to ours.

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