Wine Tasting and Sales

At the very heart of what we do at Krondorf Creek Farm is the making and offering of our wine for tasting and sale.

A spirit of warm hospitality has defined the Barossa for generations and we seek to embody that proud history in the present day, as we welcome guests to our Cellar Door. 

Current Release Wines:

2017 Krondorf Creek Farm Mataro $25
2017 Krondorf Creek Farm GMS $30
2017 Krondorf Creek Farm Cabernet/Shiraz $35
2017 Krondorf Creek Farm Shiraz $40
2017 Krondorf Creek Farm Cabernet $40
2013 Krondorf Creek Farm Cabernet Museum Release $60

How to purchase 

  1. In person at Cellar Door; or

  2. Via phone. Call Jess directly on 0424 895 309; or

  3. Download our Mail Order Form and email to

Please note that our wines are not available through retail outlets or wholesale distribution. 

Our Wines

As with all things we do at Krondorf Creek Farm, our wines are a direct reflection of our commitment to this property.

Using traditional Barossa grape varieties that thrive in our warm, temperate climate, we produce a house-style of soft, generous fruit-driven wines that proudly favour enjoyment and drinking pleasure over fashion or fortune.

Our winemaking philosophy is one of respect and restraint.

Resting our wines on gross lees for almost two years creates wines with depth and character, and crucially, a characteristic softness. Similarly, old, unshaved French and American barriques impart minimal oak influence, allowing the fruit to shine.

Minimal pump-overs and gentle basket pressing ensure soft tannins and, in time, wines that age beautifully.   

Our wines are not available in retail stores or through wholesale distribution. We invite you to visit us, to taste our wines next to the vineyards that produce them and to explore the connection between our property and our business. 

Freight and packaging

Freight to within South Australia is $15 per carton and anywhere else in Australia is a flat rate of $17 per carton. As a small winemaker, we are proud to offer subsidised shipping rates to our customers.

Orders in multiples of six bottles for shipping purposes, please. 

Our Vineyards 

In 2002 when James purchased the original Lindner mixed farm at the base of the Kaiser Stuhl in Krondorf, one of the first things he did was pace out a vineyard in the old sheep paddocks. The classic Barossa varieties of Shiraz and Cabernet trellised down the gentle slope towards an old creek line, and bush vine Grenache and Mataro running north south along the long edge of the property.  

In that first year James took the cuttings for each vine from vineyards across the Barossa, and carefully planted them in a nursery block over winter. In the spring he set about planting each individual vine, covering 13 acres of vineyard. Incidentally, there are two ways you can plant out a vineyard. You can bring in a contractor with a laser sight and a topographical plan of your property who will go along and measure everything, mark out the posts and even plant your vines using a sophisticated water pressure drilling system. 

Or you can spend a week or two with your best mate and measuring tape with three notches in it and together - using Pythagorus's theorem - you can measure out 7457 markers for 7457 vines (and if you're James, at the end of that process your entire 20 acre property will be square to within five centimetres from one central post. German precision at its finest!).    

Fifteen years later James has walked our vineyard countless times. In the winter you'll still find him in the vineyard, methodically working his way up and down the rows, or taming each rambunctious bush vine. Come spring, he's checking for budburst and bunch numbers, both of which tell an early story of the coming vintage. 

Our vineyards are the foundation of everything we do at Krondorf Creek Farm. We invite you to visit us in this beautiful corner of the Barossa, to walk our vineyard with us and taste the wines they produce. In doing so you'll discover more of this property's story and find a lasting connection with the Barossa.