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2017 Mataro

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A single-varietal star

It's quite rare to find a straight Mataro in the Barossa (although our friends at Turkey Flat make a gorgeous example), so it's lovely to see the very strong positive response to this wine.

Mataro is an incredibly versatile grape, capable of making everything from salmon pink rose through to inky black, high alcohol red wine and for many years it formed the backbone of fortified winemaking across Australia. It's been planted in the Barossa for a long time, and in fact, the world's oldest producing Mataro vineyard is here in the Barossa - a few minute's drive from Krondorf Creek Farm, in Rowland Flat. It was planted by Johan Friedrich Koch in 1853 and today there are eight precious rows, still being tended by the seventh generation of Johan's direct descendants (goosebumps, right there).

Here at Krondorf Creek Farm James planted our Mataro vineyard in a bushvine formation, and it's the first vineyard that greets you as you drive up to Cellar Door. You'll notice the bushy vines, low to the ground and pruned into an open goblet shape. Mataro loves the warmth (luckily) and this formation helps bring the fruit to even ripeness and fullness of flavour - crucial for producing our medium-bodied but fruit forward style.

Our Mataro is beautifully fresh and lifted. It's moorish and mouth watering, with ripe, generous fruit and will shine like a star next to a platter of mettwurst and laschinken with some soft cheese and an olive or twelve. Cheers!