Krondorf Creek Farm

Our Principles

Our Principles: Rare & True

We operate our business according to a set of clearly defined principles under the banner of “Rare & True.” This is our commitment to our guests, our customers and the broader Barossa community.


As a true estate property, our wines are a direct reflection of their origins here in Krondorf. James has carried these grapes in his hands from the very beginning; he planted every vine on our property from cuttings he sourced personally from across the valley floor, and today he tends our 13 acres of vineyard meticulously throughout the year. Every vintage he delivers exceptional quality fruit to be carefully stewarded through the winemaking process into barrel and then bottle. From here, it’s passed into Jess’ hands in Cellar Door, and then, directly to the hands of our guests and customers.

We can trace every moment of our wines’ existance because we have held them in our hands from planting, to budburst, to vintage, to bottle.

We are enormously proud to call the heritage village of Krondorf our home. We champion the delights of Krondorf, and of the broader Barossa whenever we have the opportunity.



Our commitment to the restoration and protection of this rare and important property is unwavering. We feel incredibly fortunate to steward Krondorf Creek Farm back from almost-ruin, through the re-building and restoration process, to the beautiful and vibrant property that it is today. We are custodians not just of this mixed farming property, but of the principles and ethos that has defined the Barossa for generations.

We stive to contribute more to our property than we take, and so we manage our vineyard using organic principles, and have worked hard to extensively re-vegetate the property’s creek line and much of its previously cleared land.

We proudly support other local businesses so that there is a strong economic future in the Barossa not just for our children but all members of upcoming generations.


We are proud to add our link in the chain of warm and generous Barossa hospitality that has been a hallmark of our region for the last 170 years. We offer our wines without a fee for tasting - including our rare Museum Release - and with the warmest of welcomes. We believe in the united strength of the Barossa’s community and we proudly provide genuine recommendations for additional Cellar Doors, Restaurants, Cafes and beautiful corners of the Barossa to visit so that our guests can share in the richness of the Barossa.

We donate our wines broadly for fundraising efforts and contribute our time and energy to a variety of organisations within the Barossa.


We deal with our guests, our customers and other businesses with honesty, fairness and transparency. When we say that we’ll do something, we do it. We are thoughtful and considered in our dealings, and pride ourselves on our professionalism.


We price our wines respectfully, and with a tacit acknowledgement of the many generations before us who worked in way that we simply can’t imagine today, in order to build the vibrant, thriving Barossa community that we enjoy in the present.

We also pay our respects to the original Indigenous owners of this property and acknowledge that they did not cede soverienty over this land.

We treat our customers and guests as if they’re in our home (because they are).

If you would like to find your own connection to the story of Krondorf Creek Farm, we invite you to visit us in Cellar Door, where you can discover our wines and what makes this rare property so special. Property and vineyard tours can be arranged with prior notice - please contact Jess directly on 0424 895 309 or email We will be delighted to assist you.

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